Tuesday, January 6, 2015

28, 35 or 50mm? and the Zeiss effect?

The more i read and research about the Zeiss lenses, i became intrigued and overly GAS. I chose Voigtlander before because of price. Its the cheapest Leica M lenses and the Zeiss is in the middle between Voigtlander and Leica. To be honest, Zeiss ZM lenses are kinda expensive to me, it trending at US$800 - $1100 price wise but Leica is even pricier. But a lot of the reviews on the internet said Zeiss has similar or better performances than the Leica's, depends on which lens vs which, and that Zeiss 3d effect! its not just bokeh, the subject of isolation just pops and there it is 3d effect. there are tons of samples online and i am a belieber! Never say never! OMG why am i spitting out Justin Bieber?

I'm a believer. I'm on GAS mode and i want those Zeiss lenses. The only con i found is the size of the lenses. Most of them are bigger in size than their counterparts. Voigtlander is smaller so too Leica's. I really want my lenses as small as pancake but with fast apertures. To be honest i want it to be like Fujifilm X100S! Sometimes i pity myself for going all out spending on Leicas just to get it to be like Fujifilm X100S. I should have just get the X100T. But i just have to experience the M. i'll see if i like it as SOON AS I RECEIVED MY LENS! its been a while. Man, these Hong Kong post is so slow. I thought the guy is using EMS. but apparently not!

Anyway, i'm looking for the all rounder lens. I used to be and i think i still am a wide angle guy. i bought a lumix lx3 for its 24mm, the Sony Rx100iii for its 24mm, and i was out of my comfort zone when i bought the x100s for its 35mm but combine with its fast lens. i was psyched! but still i bought the wide converter lens which turn it into 28mm. and i still wish it could convert to 24mm. I guess i found my answer but still i want and trying to get out of my comfort zone. i'm thinking about the 50mm. I really am GASing for the Zeiss 50mm planar. but i also want the 35mm Biogon f2 and the 28mm f2.8 zm. If i'm rich i'd buy all 3. I want my Leica M9 to just have one ultimate lens and i'm thinking of the 50mm. but i'm  worried that its kinda limiting since i'm a wide angle guy. But i wanna get out of my comfort zone or maybe that is just GAS talking. I've seen 50mm samples and its fine. I knew i want the 35mm but my heart said 50mm. i dont want to bring lenses around, i just want the one. I'm about to set foot on a Leica adventure. and i need the one and only lens. or i should just stick with my Sony Rx100iii for now.


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