Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Leica M8 or M9? .... First chapter, New Orleans.

So New Orleans is in line, its job related but also a chance to start my Leica adventure. I wont have much free time, its dusk and dawn travelling but its once in a lifetime journey, i'll take my Leica chances. I only have the 15mm Voigtlander and most of my free time will be at night so crossed my fingers and hope the street lights will be enough for my Leica.

So the question is which Leica should i bring, my M8 or my M9? As of now i'm almost certain to bring my M8. Why? Because its the 'cheaper' Leica, its still expensive but the M9 is much more expensive. I'm talking about security. Ok, this is a negativity side part of me, i'm worried of being mugged! I am pretty much a "too much worry" person so its normal that i get too negative way much but thats a habit i try to lose. Upon hearing New Orleans, Katrina came up, a lil bit of googling, you come across words like warning, danger, shooting and murder, my negativity level just shot up the ceiling. But i try to calm myself, everywhere in the world there will be crimes and dangers, i've been to Washington and Vegas, both have its own crimes and dangers, its common sense, avoid dodgy places at all cost and follow all safety rules and tips. I'd be fine. Anyway, I'm with 2 other guys so we'll be fine.

One thing that planted in my head is i believe everyone knows what a Leica is and how expensive it is. That is of course false but its auto planted in my brain. So i have the tendency to leave my Leica in my bag because i dont want to be seen with a Leica. If i hang the camera over my neck, i feel like its screaming "LEICA!!!!!". I feel that the Leica is an attention seeker and as if i'm walking naked. I'm so over but yes thats how i feel. its my mindset. I need to lose that mindset. Its no good, it made my Leica useless. Why its my mindset because thats how i would react when i see someone with a Leica. I'd go "Wow a Leica". So my negative mindset also tells me that thieves would think just like what i'd think. "Wow a Leica, target acquired". Now i'd understand why people would gaffer tape the red dot, i'm sure a syndicate out there knows about the red dot.

Ok enough negativity, so M8 it is. First, its about the cost. At the moment, these Leicas are new to me, so i will baby them, trying not to scratch it etc, etc, so with the M8 i'm trying to be rough with it, (as a worry person, i care too much and it kills me). At the moment, i cant do that to my Leica M9. It is just so expensive. When i look back on Ebay, and seeing the M9 prices, i realised i cant afford it now but with the M8, its pretty much doable. M8 is getting cheaper and cheaper. in other words, if i want to buy an M8, i could, but not the M9, not now just yet. I cant justify spending another $3000 on my wish list all black M9-P.

Second, the crop factor of the M8 made the 15mm to almost 21mm. and i prefer the 21mm. I dont have to deal with Cornerfix as i like the slight cool vignette.

Third, the RAW files will be smaller. but this is not an issue as i bring along my laptop, i can just transfer the files at the hotel.

Basically, its about survival.

Will my M8 survive? I'm willing and ready. but not with my M9 yet.

So what's in New Orleans?

These are the list that i have in mind.

1) Cafe Du Monde
2) Bourbon Street
3) French Quarters
4) Preservation Hall
5) Beignet
6) Jazz
7) Riverwalk Outlet Mall
8) Famous Cat Meow Karaoke
9) And if i'm lucky girls flashing their boobs!

That is so far i have in mind.

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