Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Some random crap

Ok, let me just crap on this blog without even showing pictures. "why?" you said... "why not?" i said. There'll be random crap that i'll be posting that's not even photography and what not. Just like the piece i wrote "Dreams" below. I imagine i like to write. I always imagine being a writer. But i always gets the writer's block and with my limitation of the english language, i might not be successful at it, that's why i appreciate this blog, i can just write whatever i want, however the grammar is. i'd imagine i'm Hank Moody. But i dont really read books. my imagination is limited. i'd prefer watching a movie. But i have all these weird dreams and if i was able to turn it into a movie, it rivals Christopher Nolan's Inception. That is why i like to write the fantasies that happened in my dreams. So dont be surprised there's a new piece called "dreams" in this blog. Its short. i'll never be good at expanding it. and hopefully someone pick it up and turned it into a movie or a longer book version. it will be pretty interesting, a starting movie credits that say "Based on oobist's dreams" instead of based on a novel written by bla bla bla.

Oh well i guess i better stop crapping.

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