Thursday, April 17, 2014

X-T1 GAS mode.

Gaargh! Reading all these XT1 reviews on the internet make me wanna click buy it now on ebay. If i'm not going to London this summer i'd probably already made a purchase. need to save $$$ for the upcoming eurotrip that follows. Which also begs the question, should i bring my x100s or OMD? Do i need snappy or stunning ooc jpgs? Anyway i have a trip to Malaysia before London maybe i'll peek around and see whats their X-T1 offers/deals. But i want it now!! Argh!

just a thought....
screenshot from fujirumors

...that new metal grip for Fuji X-T1 makes it look more like Nikon DF which is ultra sexy retro. More boxy, the way i like things. i like Nikon DF style except that its huge, pricey and its Nikon.Bwahahaha.

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