Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I need, I want, the WCL-X100

With the recent announcements of a tele-conversion lens now officially available for the X100S, now i have the luxury of having a wide, normal and zoom lens in one great camera! There's the wide conversion lens already available which equivalent to 28mm focal length, not so much wide in my opinion but wider than the 35mm, would be great if it was 24mm wide, now thats a very much difference! And now the recently announced tele conversion, which will make it at 50mm focal length, great for tight crop portraits!

Which ultimately make me ONLY need to have one camera.
No more buying gears.
Just get these 2 conversion lenses and i'm covered.
Thats pretty much focal length that i need for my kind of photography.

I dont have to drool over the X-T1 or the bad ass X-pro1.
But GAS is GAS.
So many toys to own.
So much money not well spent.

After my previous post,
i do have a gut feeling that i'd be selling my Olympus OMD. GASP!
Its a great little camera, speed demon, great for candid photos but it just that my OCD will always kicks in. I will always pixel peep zooming in and out my OMD pictures. I'm just not happy with the noise that its JPEGs created. i know i'm crazy, i dont do large prints, its just that my OCD will always have that mindset that the OMD is not capable of doing very large prints. The noise is just not that clean to my eyes. i blame Fuji for that. Too fine quality. I might be wrong. Because i haven't prove it yet. But when will i be printing large banners for corporate ads? Right?? ironically, that picture of the x100s above is from my OMD EM10.

I still want to keep the Olympus but i'm no photographer pro. I dont make a living from photography, its still a hobby of mine, something i'm passionate about. i would love to go pro but yeahh ..not so at the moment.

Actually i'm out of my topic, suddenly the urge to rant is just stronger.
Actually i wanna talk about the WCL-X100.
I've been eyeing one on ebay, but i haven't pull the trigger.
I want it, i dont want it.
Next week, i want it. Next minute, i dont.
GAS is bad, but now after my OMD stint, i think i want to shoot Fuji exclusively.
I think i want the WCL and the new TCL................................. plus the X-T1 and the X-Pro1.
And be done with it.

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