Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Last weekend when Olympus won me over...

I did a lil rant on my previous post, when i read it back, sometimes it didn't make any sense. I guess i couldn't make my point across. Whatever.

Anyway, last week i had a pre-wedding session and all i can say is that the Olympus produces great images. Sharper than Fuji, crazy sharp. When outdoors the Olympus is really great. Now i understand when one said about Olympus's colors. It also locks focus quickly, great bokeh, and sharp. Did i say sharp already?

During the shoot i had all 3 cameras around my neck and shoulders and i tend to pickup the Olympus everytime. i fitted a 25mm 1.8, great sharp fast bokeh lens, really nice for close up shooting. Only when i needed a wider length that i turn to Fuji. i really enjoy using the EVF on the Oly and the tilt screen is really handy. That same last week, a few days earlier, that i decided to sell my Oly. But after the session it changed my mind. i am starting to trust my Olympus EM10.

Here is one of my fav from the session.
really nice lens is the 25mm. Nice blurred foreground and background while keeping the bride-to-be sharp.

I guess this is when i need to start using RAW. To be honest i hate that blown highlights in the sky. But i'm no photo-manipulator, if i am a perfectionist, i'd changed the sky using photoshop. I believe with RAW i might be able to pull the highlights down a bit. or i could use the multiple exposure bracketing so i could blend the pictures. Maybe i'd do that in the future.

I'm giving Olympus a chance....
Heck i might get a used OMD EM5 as a second body and just shoot Olympus.

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