Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm confused...

One minute i'm rooting for my Olympus, next minute i'm on Fuji mode. Even as much as i love the fast and accurate AF of the OMD but i still find my way back to using Fuji. Somehow with Fuji, i wanna take photos. Maybe aesthetically, the Fuji X100S makes me want to take photos with it. I am accepting it as for what it is, slow and unreliable accuracy of focusing, it did get me frustrated from times to times when my photos are blurred but not due to camera shake but more about the unreliable focus accuracy. But the thing with my x100s, when it nails it, it kills it. The IQ is awesome and i love the tonal range i can get with its JPGs. I only shoot JPGs. I wanna try RAW but i more often prefer to use JPGs. Save space, lazy editing are one of the few reasons i did not shoot RAW.

As of now, i am on Fuji mode. I still love my OMD but my next toy, my next investment is probably gonna be a Fuji. I'm eyeing on the X-T1 but somehow i am still going back to the X-pro1. The deal at the moment is so good its crazy to pass on it. That sexy rangefinder look is what intrigues me. i wanna hold it, i wanna own it. Its so cool looking, i just wanna take pictures with it. I look cool with it sling on my neck. Slow, unreliable auto focus.... naaahh ... i can live with it. I just had to sacrifice speed for image quality. Everytime i look at the Fuji JPGs files, i'm just impressed with its color and tonal range. i do little editing on fuji jpgs files than what i do on Oly Jpgs files. With Oly i'm just too busy sliding the luminance noise slider looking for the best settings for reducing noise and not getting that painting effect at the same time.

So i guess i'm getting the X-pro1 pretty soon.

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