Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Olympus Viewer 3

I'm a lightroom user and i'm pretty happy with my workflow but i saw somewhere online for Olympus RAW files editing, Olympus Viewer is better than LR but with a warning, its a bit tad slow. I always said that i'm a bit dissappointed with Oly's JPEG rendering since i only shoots JPG so i wanna start shoot RAW and see if there is a significance difference.

So i installed OLY Viewer 3 and start playing around with some RAW pictures. They're not kidding. Its frikkin slow! Maybe there's a learning curve to get past but i'm just lazy, clicking the zoom button takes about literally a second for its effect to be seen. But maybe its just me not knowing how to use it but in the end i just uninstalled it and probably just update my lightroom. or just shoot JPGs and forget about it.

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