Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fujifilm OOC JPG and VSCO

I love VSCO.
I love vintage, film look style.
Heck i even start shooting film just because i love it so much.
But with the hassle and $$$ of shooting films, i rather not.
I love the flexibilty digital can offer.
And with the introduction of VSCO into this digital world, i no need to shoot films.
VSCO just nails it with that vintage look.
VSCO must mean Vintage Style COmpany......... instead of visual supply.

Every Fuji users i read on the internet praises Fuji for its colors.
Yes, i agree with them.
But i dont really care much about color since i VSCO'ed to death all my pictures lol.
I just love that vintage look so much.
i think i said too much love.
Well here's a picture taken with Fujifilm X-M1.
Its OOC but i bumped the exposure a bit because the original is a bit underexposed.
I like to shoot a bit underexposed, -1/3EV and bump the exposure in post process.
I dont mind blacks but not blown highlights!

 This is original (exposure +0.70)
As you can see, Fuji colors is oh so nice.

This is VSCOed.
i think its a Kodak portra preset.
i just love how vsco played with the greens. and make it sort of warmer.

This would be a nicer picture without the man at the back.
Now i need to google how to remove objects in the background in photoshop.

VSCO anyone?

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