Sunday, April 6, 2014

Just some Olympus 25mm 1.8 lens sample pics for the sake of updates. LOL

lack of updates,
doesnt really matter as i'm not sure i have readers or not... lol
Oh well, i just need to take this rant off my chest.

Seriously, my lazy mode is ON.
But i did bought that Oly 25mm 1.8 lens.
I plan on showing off the lens on the camera and some pics taken with it.
No scientific test, just some random snapshot. Dont pixel peep. Please. Not here.

Again, seriously,
I post this sample pics just for the sake of updating this blog.
Its been quiet.
Where have all my rants went to?
Fingers are just lazy to type in what i have in mind.
Okay, lets just start posting pics. Not much, just a few.

So i bought this brand new Olympus 25mm lens in Singapore at TK Foto. If you're in Singapore, get it there... the cheapest price i found than anywhere else and if you're a tourist you still get to claim TAX refund. Good Job TK Foto. Its in Funan Digi Mall.

 The guy who sold me the lens. 
i was putting the lens on my camera to do some test shots.
He said "This lens is great for portrait"
"Oh yeah?" i said
"Let me take your photo"
Too bad i forgot to set the aperture wide open. This was at f3.5.
Still nice background blur.
Would love it at f1.8. Just because i like to shoot wide open.

 Wide open at f1.8
The fork is super sharp.

I'll post a photo of the lens on camera next time. 
With the JJC Square Lens hood On. Pure Camera Porn.

Okay, while i'm at it....
i have the feeling to post more pics now. Let me check whats in my Lightroom Library.

 Cool Scooter.
Spot the girl in cab with a haunting face. 
Must be that poster on the cab.

 My fav spot!
The pedestrian!
Nobody cares if i take a picture here..... i guess..

 Added more grain here.
i love how grain and Black & White combine.

 A tiring day

 This place used to be "hot" back in the 80s for us tourist.

I'm just waiting for this guy to pass into my frame.

To be honest, i find it hard to use this 25mm (50mm equivalent) for street photography.
Maybe i'm so used to x100s focal length, 35mm. 
Thats why its perfect for street.
The more reason for GASing the 17mm 1.8 Oly lens.
Next on the list it is.

All pictures are shot in JPGs.
Edited in Lightroom.
With VSCO presets.

Thanks for stopping by.

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