Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trying out the Cinematic Stills

I was reading someone's blog when he mentioned about doing a cine stills. Basically its a photo that looks like its been taken from a movie. i do dig that kinda look. So here goes some rush shit job color grading in lightroom. Just some random photos i took with my brand new camera. Uh Oh did i tell you that? Yes! I got a new camera!

I need to work more with the color grading or spent more time on it. These pictures are rush jobs, just how i like to be. i hate too much time spending on post processing. i really love using presets! And also i had to do a quick refresher on using photoshop...boy i was rusty! Thanks Gods fors youtubes ands googles!

Or i could tell you that these are stills from a local drama??

Convinced yet?

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