Sunday, May 7, 2017


Hi folks, its been a while since i wrote something here, well here i am now and that means im on GAS!!

So here is my dilemma, i am in the midst of making a choice on which brand to choose, either Sony or Fuji.

As of yesterday i was leaning towards the Sony A7ii, why sony u might ask? well for one i already have the A6000 which is a nice camera and if i get the A7ii, it can be my backup camera and they both use the same battery, i also have the full frame 35mm 2.8 which i intend to use on the A7ii. I also wanted to try the A7 systems since it offers full frame... but do full frame vs crop still relevant nowadays? 10 - 15 years ago yes but now the APSC technology is so advance that the noise u get from high ISO is not so much difference from what you get out of a full frame sensor, or maybe the A7 is not that good in low light?? All these talks are based on what i read from the internet by the way, but Ken Rockwell shot a dim room with ISO25600 using A7ii and the picture was quite nice, viewing from my iphone that is but thats the thing, i never print large and i always use my pictures for web, social media and this blog. In other words i also dont shoot RAW which is what A7ii excels at, i shoot only JPEGs and thats why Fuji came into the picture because they're pretty frikkin good at it (JPEGs).

There's also the debate of Full Frame look? Do i noticed? Do anybody noticed? To be honest NO, if i give you a picture do you know it is shot from full frame or APSC just by looking at it? i'm sure no unless you have exif reader in your eyes! Maybe from a trained eyes but i doubt anybody would notice.

So again why Sony? let me lay down why i'm GASing for A7ii. So first i'm on GAS, i just want a new camera, second, at the moment i own a Sony A6000, so they are in line. third, its because of the full frame and IBIS, should i jump into the full frame mirrorless bandwagon???

And why should i talk myself out of it? First, its bigger than the Fuji n heavier, Second, the lenses are also gigantic, third, which is kinda of a deal breaker to me, no silent shutter!! Cos i got no balls, the only way i get to be stealthy is to have silent shutter. But when on GAS, this wont matter though! bahaha.

So i almost bid on a low shutter count Sony A7ii until i noticed the seller's feedback is 92%, so i decided not to as i dont want to risk it. That was this morning! haha

As of today i am leaning towards the Fuji X-T20! Well that is GAS for you. So easily switch brands, in the end i just wanted a new camera! and it wont be a surprise that i still want to buy the A7ii. Too bad there is no camera/lenses rentals here! to let off some steam.

So why i wanted the Fuji? Because i've used the system and love them! I've used X100S and X100T and there is nothing wrong with the pictures i took, FULL Frame or NOT. Love the gorgeous JPEGs, The Fuji XT20 is small too! And Fuji also comes out with the trio lens of my favourite focal length in small sizes too! the 23mm f2, 35mm f2 and the 50mm f2! I think thats more than enough focal length for me unless i wanted super wide! The problem with Sony is they lack the lenses i want. And the size is bigger too. I want a camera for my travels, so the smaller the better but i knew in the end i would just use an iphone instead! I used to have Sony RX100iii and it stays in the bag all the time. Iphone gets out everytime. Im just lazy and im not a dedicated photographer. There are times though when i just want to take photos with a real camera, not smartphones. By right my A6000 serves me well but then they dont have the lenses i want. a 28mm becomes a 42mm on the A6000. The smaller size faster lenses is lacking.

I also love the Fuji for its retro design. Hipster camera. Too bad they dont have IBIS. but IBIS is really advantageous with video which im not really into.

For my travels and street photography i want the camera to be small, lightweight and stealthy which the FUji Xt20 ticks all the right boxes. but i still want a Sony A7ii.... why??? oh why???

I know i should get the X-T20 but still contemplating on the Sony A7ii. but the size of the lenses is turning me off.

Actually way back i plan to upgrade my X100T to X100F, but i think i should go with interchangeable lens this time as i havent really explore Fuji lenses. i used to have X-M1 but i only used it with the kit lens. i love the rangefinder style but i think i want a tilt screen, it is handy... X-T2 is just darn expensive and probably has features that i dont really need, i think all i need are in the X-T20, the sign is strong...i should go Fuji all the way but somehow A7ii temptations, GAS for A7ii is still there....sigh.... its the FULL FRAME mindset which is not relevant nowadays....still bugging me....does it really 3D POP??? i used a Leica M9 before and compare to the M8 i had i actually shot more with the M8.

Well i also read the if you shoot a lot of portraits then u will want a full frame because the bokeh is so much nicer than the APSC ones....hmmmm......

Actually i have more to talk about but i am kinda lost for words so here goes...

Sony or Fuji????



  1. I switched to Fuji from Canon four years ago. X100S, X100T and now the X100F. I also have the X-T1 and X-T2 and wide assortment of glass. I love my Fuji cameras and the amazing lenses that go with them. It's a tough choice between Sony and really comes down to what is right for you.

  2. Yes, i really loved my X100S n T, something about Fuji cameras that it is also fun to use and makes me want to take more photos! Thanks for reading

  3. And what happened next? I am having the same GAS right now, though I am a Nikon DX user(D7200,35mmDX f1.8,Tokina11-16mm DX f2.8). My GAS tells me to sell all these and go for mirrorless(lighter/stealthier). If I had to go with an upgrade it should be fullframe, but sony FE lenses are so expensive and big.... should I go for fuji XE3 with a 27mm pancake??? which way did u go?