Monday, May 15, 2017

GAS happens!

Well, im definitely on GAS.
One minute i was about to purchase the Sony A7ii, and then the next i was leaning towards Fuji X-T20.... and i forget all about the Sony, its Fuji all over. Sigh.... And then i saw my old Fuji X100T pictures, i really like the X100 series but i think its time to try a different X model but i still want the latest X100F.....and i like the 35mm FOV and they have converters too 28mm n 50mm. Nice. But maybe next time. And then i saw a great deal on Facebook, a used Sony A7S with 55mm 1.8 plus 24-70mm f4 at a jaw dropping price USD$1500!!! Da Fuq! At that price, anywhere in the world it is body only price but this guy, he sells it with 2 $1k lens each.... *gasp emoji here*

Im the type of guy who are unable to resist a good offer like Don Corleone said "Make him an offer he cant refuse" or in my case its "Dont refuse a good offer"... i am terrible with that kind of deals, i just cant control myself.... it messed up my mind... just like that, i forget Fuji, i'm back to Sony. I always wanted to try the Sony A7S, too bad we dont have camera rentals here, it would be a big help to my GAS problems....

Why i like A7S??
- high iso capabilities.
- low light performance.

actually those 2 points are the same. I tend to shoot a lot indoors, so it would be great to not have to worry about high ISOs. ISOLESS they say. Back in the days, but not so long ago, i would worry about blurry pictures when shooting indoors or at night, Ur up on your highest ISO but the shutter is still slow to get the right exposure or at least a decent exposure, most of the times i would just shoot underexpose so i can brighten it in post.....just like how i do it on my Leica favourite Leica, sold it though, and also how i did it on Fuji X100 series, shoot underexpose and brighten in post, so far so good, i got keepers........ now that i think about it, actually i dont need this A7S, but but included a $2k worth of lenses? Man, i cant resist.

Here are some pictures that i brighten in post.

Leica M8. One of the tricks is to convert it to black and white, so grains would look good...GAH! The shot is underexpose, i brighten up in post. 

Color works too!

All shots above are Leica M8 is a bit underexposed, but i liked it, it gave some atmosphere, feel, vibe, i dunno how to explain it....

Shit, now i'm GASing for Leica M8. 

Off now heading to Ebay. Bahahah


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