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I haven't told a story how i get my hands on an A6000

I haven't told a story how i get my hands on an A6000 Sony APSC camera. So i was selling most of my photography gears, my Leicas, and the last was my Sony RX100M3. I was actually planning to invest on Fujifilm interchangeable lens camera, namely at the time the XT10. But i wasnt really into cameras at the time too. So i sold the Sony RX100M3. But only a few days later i got a great deal on a used A6000. i got it for about $300USD. Pretty decent i might say. Its not even a week i was camera-less i already bought an A6000. I was just browsing Facebook when i saw the A6000 sale post. SO thats the story. It was boring. What r u expecting? an epic journey? LOL.

I am going to slip in some photos taken by the A6000 during a recent trip to Sabah and probably some random photos i've taken. I shoot JPGs!

Mount Kinabalu. The first to hit sunrays! 

Anyway, first time using the A6000 was a bit weird. I am already used to Fuji style, Shutter, Aperture, EV all with dials. Now the A6000 is more the PSAM style. Maybe DSLR users are used to it. id prefer the manual Fuji style. I had to go a bit of a learning curve to get used to its operation. MOst of the time i just stayed on Green Intelligent Mode. But most of the time u wanna take control of your exposure. So i either set to Aperture mode, Program Mode or Manual Mode. But most of the time manual mode because when in Aperture mode the camera decides which shutter is best for you n i am always indoors so the shutter speed is slow because the camera wants to get the right exposure. SO i just set to manual. I AM IN CONTROL BITCH! Sorry.... i am ranting because thats just how i am. ANyways..... to access EV u need to press down on the wheel control. Right for ISO. I still love FUji's operation with dials for everything exposure wise.

This is an unplanned shot, i knew in my heart somewhere that i need to try and shoot astrophotography, but im too tired to plan! or im just plain lazy.
So i woke up at dawn about 5ish when i decided to peek out my window, GASP! So many stars imaginable, the night was clear, its like someone spill some pixie dust on the sky. I knew i just had to quickly try and take some photos and get back to sleep because i need my beauty sleep baahahah. I dont even remember the Rule of 400/500. 
There is no place to secure the camera, my A6000 life depends on my cheapo china copy gorilla pod wrapped around the veranda steel gate, set focus to manual and set close to infinity, take a few shots and got back to sleep LOL. Thats how undedicated myself is

I have the kit lens and a 35mm 2.8. i got the latter at a great deal too! ABout $200plus Used, the resale value is higher than that! i would prefer a faster lens, but at that price i just buy it. Now i am eyeing at the 50mm 1.8 OSS and Samyang/Rokinon 12mm f2.

For travelling i prefer to use the kit lens as it is a wide angle lens so i can capture more, if only there is a wide angle and fast lens on Sony lists of lens. I am used to the X100 lens where it can capture a decent bokeh and kind of wide angle converter at 28mm full frame equivalent. But that increase bulk of the X100 and you can guess i was GASing the X70 looking for a wide angle pocket camera but then i got an iphone7plus too! There is a Sony wide angle prime and a converter to make it even more wider, the 16mm 2.8, mostly bashed on the internet, so that kinda put me off, but i also have the kit lens at 16mm albeit slower lens at f3.5. I'm tempted on the 20mm but the price is kinda heavy and its not f2.0. but i know in the end i probably used more of my iphone for travelling, especially with kids, you got stroller on one hand and probably a baby on the other, there is just no space for an APSC size camera.

Apparently that is a workshop on fire! GASP!

#updated (5/15/17)

The only thing that i dont like about the A6000 is a lack of silent shutter! Cos i like to be stealthy! and i got no balls. Also i respect strangers who dont want their faces to be captured by a stranger (thats me!). But that is just how i do street photography. i need the silent shutter. So no one will noticed. And i also dont like the lack of lenses, might as well glued the kit lens on the A6000. For general photography i think its enough but i happen to like BOKEH. I mean they do have the lenses its just darn expensive. i like wide angle bokeh. a wide angle fast lens. Say 28mm equivalent f2. the only lens that come close is 24mm 1.8 that equals to 35mm but its kinda long lens, theres the 20mm 2.8, i would like to love that lens since its a pancake lens but too bad f2.8. it would be perfect if it is f2. I think im just spoilt by Fuji X100 series lens. So small/short and fast. I guess theres no perfect camera for me. If only theres an X100 interchangeable lens but the lenses are the same sizes as the X100's ones. Or if only Fuji can come out with a wider angle lens for X100 converter say 24mm, and telephoto that converts to 85mm, that would be perfect. I demand too much. Companies will go bankrupt if they follow my words. Why am i talking about Fuji here?? Move along...

So A6000? I really love it for the compact size, lightweight, cheap. No 4k no problem, cos my TV is not 4k. I am also not a video guy, so Mp4 format works for me. Iphone video is also good enough for me in good light.  that tell you one thing. 

What else is there to say about the A6000? I wrote a bunch of great words here but i lost it because blogger decided to crash which i rant previously. 

I think thats for now. To be honest i might put it up on sale soon. Theres nothing wrong with it, its just that i have GAS too much i need to fund a new body. 

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