Monday, February 8, 2016

I'm just gonna eat my words!

So, i wasn't really interested with the X70, before.... but now after realizing it might be the same size as sony rx100m3, im intrigue. May not be exactly the same size,  just a tad bigger but still...that kinda compactness really intrigues me! like, i really really want it!! but there's not a lot of review of the X70. Cmon netizens!! i want to read those rave reviews of the X70 so that my GAS will explode! Boom!

why i would love the x70:-

28mm is my prefer view.
Would prefer faster lens like f2.0 but as long as i can do bokeh with 2.8, i'm game.
Touch screen, why not.
Selfie flips,, yea i know "REAL" photographers didnt like this but its a great feature to get your quick family photos.
I've been lusting that classic chrome look, my last fuji camera is the x100s, so i haven't had that classic chrome taste.
I would love an EVF but i think i can live without it. there will be time im bringing the camera to my eye just like i had with the XM1.

the only cons is just MONEY!
give me money please.


SO the Olympus PEN-F isn't really getting rave reviews. and the added 4 Megapixels didnt seem really improving the IQ. Well i guess the IQ will be similar like all those OMD cameras. and the look..... it just didnt stick with me. its sexy but i dunno. not creating so much GAS. oh well more money for me then.

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