Thursday, February 25, 2016

X100T in 2016??

Is it okay??
Should i wait for its successor?
I mean X100T is awesome on its own.
But being announced in 2014, now its 2016, it felt like a blast from the past kinda in technology world.
I mean an iPhone is already expired when it was announced. thats how fast technology is.
But my GAS say buy a camera now. Dont wait. lets have fun while my wallet will suffer.
If you read my previous post, of all the camera choices i have, i'm leaning towards X100T now.
Because thats the camera i wanted all along, also the reason why i sold my X100S. but its taken me a year now to pull the trigger. as time passed it made me think twice. SHould i now? Should i wait?
But if i wait i can never buy a camera. Because new cameras come within 6 months. So i must push away the idea of the newest is the greatest out of my mind.

I have saved my WCL converter, that must mean something right?
Its waiting for X100T.
and then buy a TCL and its complete. Oh by the way i place a bid on a TCL last night. that must surely means something.
But if i buy a X100T, that means i dont wanna get out of my comfort zone. because an X-T10 with 35mm is something i wanted to try all along. almost bought it but i hit the brakes. I cant have both. well i can but that will suffocate my wallet. he will literally die. aaannnnddd..... i just cant take my eyes off the beautiful X100T. Even if i go home with an X-T10, i'm surely will look back trying to catch a glimpse of the X100T.

But i bought the Leica M8 even if its over its expiry date.
Why cant i do the same for X100T?

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