Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Writer's block

Wow, almost one week and no updates. I'm having some sort of a writer's block if you will. I used to just write whats on my mind and let my fingers do the autopilot stuff. just type whatevers in my head. Now, its not flowing. maybe i overdo too much. Sometimes i wanna write a kind of books stuffs style of writing, which i really suck at. I love writing but i quickly lose the plot. Now i'm not sure what to rambles on. I wrote a few and then i just save it to draft and never look back and thus no blog updates. Well... what do i have to say? Let's first start the fact that i put my X-pro1 up for sale. I think i no longer need it. Its GAS purchased anyway. To be honest i'm not quite happy with my X-pro1. I keep comparing the JPGs to my trusty X100S. Somehow it is just not the same. Lifeless on X-pro1, needs more editing. i might have a bad copy, or i'm so used to see the aggressive noise reduction on my X100S. Lifeless is harsh to be honest. Its just not as clean as X100S. I dont know. Sometimes i love grain and all any other time i want it clean. Most of the time. So i'm keeping my X100S and put up on sale the X-pro1. its not a desperate sell. If someone comes and buy it, then its gone, if not, well i just keep it collecting dust. I have the X-M1 which i prefer for being small and the screen can tilt. I did not miss the OVF of the X-pro1. Most of the time i stick with EVF. WYSIWYG. I used to have trouble reverse engineering those letters. Its What You See Is What You Get. I cant trust the OVF on the Fuji. Because of the misfocus prone of the camera. Might just use the EVF and see whats in focus or not.

Right now, i just want a small camera that i can put in my pocket and bring anywhere and i am eyeing the Sony RX100 III, not a retro design but packs with powerful stuffs. 1inch sensor that Fuji not able to bring one out yet. And Sony's video capabilities is superb for a noob like me, i'm into videography now. I have yet to record any videos, i'm waiting for the Sony! I've been youtubing and vimeoing all those videos created by Sony RX100M3. i think its good enough for beginner's videographing. No mic out but i found a way, just use another audio recorder and sync in post. More work but thats how to do it properly. But my first video project is to do music video or landscapes kind of videos, so audio is not a priority.

X100T is coming out and rumor has it that it features 16Mp. My guess is its the same old sensor? Another rebranding of an old model? Please no Fuji. You did it with the X30, while it has nice features.... but to fellow enthusiast it offers nothing. We crave the 1inch sensor LOL. We have sensor size OCD. and looks like the X100T is gonna be the same. Just new features on an old body. and please dont scrap the OVF. while i prefer to use a better EVF but the looks of the OVF on the camera is what makes it sexy and retro chic. Prove me wrong Fuji. I hope the X100T is awesome and i might be come knocking my GAS. Come September 10.

I guess thats enough ramblings for today.

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