Monday, September 8, 2014

Fuji is getting boring and predictable????

I'm not super duper excited as i used to when Fujifilm announced their new cameras these coming days. I've followed fujirumors everyday and most of the time i didn't find my heart pumping like it used to when Fujifilm X-T1 was leaked all over the internet. Is Fujifilm getting boring? I'm talking about new gears and forget photography for now. its all about the gears. Rebranding an old model and improves some features is what they are doing this time around. The X30 was disappointing. unless you never have a Fujifilm in your life then thats acceptable. It will be a great camera. The rumored X100T is looking to be the same camera as the X100S except for some few improvements. Bigger screen, something something parallax error fixed OVF, bla bla bla faster autofocus. You know, i never believe the marketing hype of Fujifilm when it said they had the fastest autofocus camera because Olympus is blazingly faster. Boo Fujifilm. Maybe the X-T1 is fast but i never tried it. A silver X-T1??? Hmmmm.... i always wonder what it would look like. They are a few photoshopped pictures of Silver X-T1 but i wanna see the real thing. Even Olympus E-M1 is going silver. Is silver the new black? The Silver Nikon DF is sexy, lets see how these mirrorless silver retro SLR style live up to. so my question is Fujifilm getting boring and predictable? Or maybe my vision of photography gears is changing. Now i just want the smallest camera with the highest IQ that i can bring around all the time. and at this moment that camera is the Sony RX100M3. Is it really that good? all reviews really hyped it up. So i wanna check it out and get my self the RX100M3 and let me tell you all about it after my Singapore trip this end of September. Lets see if its the be all end all of my cameras.

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