Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm into Videography now....

Hooray new hobby??

Sorry for the lack of updates, really lack of updates.

So whats new?

There's a lot of new gears announced by those famous camera companies, a few attracts me, especially the new LX100 by Panasonic. I'm into smaller cameras now, cameras that i can bring anywhere. almost pocketable. and i'm also into videography! Starting to youtubes all those Final Cut Pro tutorials available. I just did a basic editing using Final Cut Pro X taken with my new Sony Rx100iii !!

Oh yea...

did i tell you that i just purchased the Sony RX100III??? No?? Yea i owned it now! Such a great camera. really fun to use. IQ was okay not Fujifilm territory but the Sony being pocketable and the smaller size, its easier to bring anywhere now. And its great for everyday snapshots and travel snapshots. i'll keep my Fuji for work related stuffs. for all things snapshot the Sony it is! I will give my own review in the near future post.

The new Fuji X100T is kind of cool too. Really handy new updates and features. that new electronic rangefinder is really intriguing. but no, i'm not gonna upgrade for now.

I just ran out of words.

stay tuned for the Sony RX100iii review, it aint grand, just another countless reviews

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