Sunday, September 14, 2014

From London to Italy and Leicester ........ (Part 8 Leicester)

I was here in Leicester three years ago and coming back here felt familiar, it feels a bit like home. I didn't really take as much photos as i planned to, only a few snapshots here and there. I was starting to get lazy to bring my camera, after that Italy trip, i felt my shoulder is a bit sore and tired. Rest of the days i didn't bring any bags with me, i just want to travel light.

When i'm in Leicester, i just loved to go to the city centre and just watch all the people go with their day to day business. Chillax sippin Costa coffee and window shopping in Highcross, the big mall in Leicester city centre. Ate the 5pound all you can eat buffet and stroll around in the fresh fruits market. These are the kind of things i do when i'm in Leicester, if i'm not, most of the time i'll be in my hotel. I love Premier Inn Hotel, and the one in Leicester is also located nicely, near the railstation and 5-10mins walk to the city centre malls.

When i'm in the hotel i just watched whats on TV. Usually in the morning, the day started with Everybody Loves Raymond and followed by Kelsey Grammer's Frasier and then the Big Bang theory... i dont remember which channel is which, its something like ITV or E4. and then there's a channel with a plus one at the end, ITV+1, its the same programme delayed by an hour me thinks. Ahhh TVs.... everywhere you go, you'd be watching TV. Genius invention, its actually a mind control machine, if you really think about it....

At 10ish pm, it was dead quiet, zombies might lurk around the corners!

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