Sunday, July 6, 2014

Another Day, Another GAS.

As much as i love my Fujis, i'm still looking for a compact pocketable camera. My day to day clothing does not involve jackets so i cant bring the X100S in my jacket pocket, i'm wearing Teeshirt and quite slim jeans, not skinny jeans as my legs aren't skinny, well, not anymore. I wish i had a camera that has a APSC sensor that i can fit to my jeans. At the moment my best camera is my iphone. Because its just everywhere with me. but too bad, the IQ isnt all that great being an iphone4, hopefully iphone6 will be much better!

I'm looking for compact cameras with great IQ, that i can fit into my jeans's pocket. Because i'm just lazy to bring a bag with me. I want to take out the camera out of my pocket and shoot. That easy. Cant do that with my Fujis. but i can do that with my iphone but i want a real camera. I'm not a serious photographer who lugs around their DSLRs or Fujis or Olympus where ever they've gone to, i'm just the casual photographer, snapshots rather than perfectly compose shots. I want a small camera that i can bring anywhere without the hassle, ya know, bring a bag, take it out of the bag, snap snap snap, put it in the bag, even bringing a bag is a hassle to me. i like to travel light. Just my Tshirts and jeans and boots. Thats all. i hate carrying a bag. As much as light the Fuji is, i still find it heavy. I'm looking for the ultimate travel camera, something small, compact and light. but with great IQ.

At the moment, i like the Ricoh GR and the Sony RX100 iii. Both similarly priced. Both seems pocketable. or at least smaller than the Fuji X100S. I love retractable lens. its compact! Sony will be much versatile, zoom, wifi, selfies, but with a 1inch sensor. Ricoh has my fav length, 28mm and it also can do 35mm cropped, bigger sensor APSC, great low light but only at f/2.8. So less bokeh. Both are great point and shoot camera. Snapshots camera.

I have a trip to London + Italy coming, so i'm bringing my X100S and see if i can live with it or without it.

But lets not forget, that rangefinder looks of the X100S makes me want to pick it up and take photographs, or at least just press the shutter for nothing.

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