Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sample photos of Ricoh GR with dust problem

Here's a collection of images i got from googling "Ricoh GR dust problem". I dont own a GR but i wanted to but after seeing this problem, hmmm, maybe yes, maybe not! lol, some GR owners are fortunately dust free, which makes me think its either a bunch of GRs are badly sealed from factory or dust will still be able to get into the sensor via the "space" on the retractable lens. i dunno. but surely GR is a great camera to own haha. Now that is GAS talking.

Some got dust on their sensor after 2 or 3 days of owning the GR, some got it after 3 months, some after 5000+ shots, some took a year, oh well.... looks like a jeans's pocket is the worst place to put the camera into, which defeats the purpose of my supposedly pocketable camera!

I know dust on sensor is all brand cameras problem but Ricoh being a single fix lens, being a non interchangeable lens, being $700, should have better seal to avoid dust getting into the sensor, the sensor is not even exposed.

Anyway lets see some pictures,

This guy got the worse case scenario of a dust sensor problem, pictures below. I mean look at that dust, it sure look like a worm! taken from http://everydayaperture.com/2014/03/24/the-ricoh-gr-and-the-dust-bunny/

Poor guy, i hope he got it sorted out!

This is the worst dust problem, it looked like a worm or germ. haha
The others have normal dust spots, more below

Here's one from pentax forum,

a much more easy-able post processing fix but still nevertheless annoying

Here's another from Ricoh Forum

spot the dust..... dust spot.... no pun intended
check out this blog, as you can see, he has dust on his GR too.

I'm not here to bash Ricoh, just sharing some information you need to know about the Ricoh GR. 

But lets not forget the wonderful photos this camera is capable of..... here's one:-

check out the link above, really nice write up on Ricoh GR.

I know camera is just a tool but looking at the picture above, makes me want the GR badly. 

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