Sunday, May 4, 2014

Uh Oh... Did i just bought the X-Pro1?

Yep! I finally did it....
My object of desire, object of lust, the Fuji X-Pro1, in the end i just have to own it. Purely aesthetical but great photos at the same time. It's a poor man's leica one said but better in terms of IQ, ISO performances bla bla bla... Its GAS. Everything is better.


Its probably in packaging process for shipment right now since i bought it over the weekend. Fingers crossed hopefully it arrived safe and sound here, in one piece and in great working condition.  i just dont like to return items as i find it a hassle process here. i just want to receive it and play with it straight out of the box. I'll wear this x-pro1 as my fashion accessories lol.
I bought it with the zoom kit lens the 18-55mm. i was having a hard time whether to get the 18mm prime or the zoom lens. After a lot of reading reviews online, many pros and enthusiasts seems to liken the zoom very much. its sharp, a bit faster than your normal zoom kit lens, its at f2.8-4, very well made and maybe it focuses better. I chose the zoom also due to it having OIS. i love image stabilizer. i can shoot pretty slow shutter hand held, just for fun, but its better to not get lower than 1/10 or 1/20 although the lens is capable but ya know, sometimes it might not be as sharp as you wanted. i said in my previous post i can take sharp pictures at 1 sec hand held, well... not really... i did shot it hand-held but i put my arms on the desk to keep hold steady, and sitting down at the same time. that was just a fun test shoot. realistically, if i cant find a place to put my arms down on something, its not gonna be sharp, heck, its even gonna ruin the picture lol.
Anyway, back to my GAS. I also chose the zoom for its versatility, one lens to do all. wide, mid and tele. Guys, like Laroque and Lovegrove pretty much sold me this zoom lens. Now that i think of it, i just want the 18mm prime for its square hood look. Maybe i'll just get the 35mm. that lens is in my wishlist. no. wanted list. and the 14mm.
When i bought my X-M1, i thought to myself, i dont need a viewfinder. i just compose with my LCD as i did with my iphone. It was true for the first week but then i just miss the feeling of having a camera planted to my face lol. although as much as i love my X-M1, i am missing the viewfinder and Fuji did not make an external viewfinder for it. They have the X-E1. And at the same time i was really impressed with the image quality, this is when i decided to get the X100S, for its retro look, viewfinder and prime lens (i always shoot with one focal length). Pretty ironic now that i chose the zoom. But with an X-Pro1, i can change lens. i look at it this way, its a X100S with interchangeable lens.
Why get X-pro1 not X-T1 you say? Well, that rangefinder looks, just do it for me. Its a 2 years old camera but by no means its a bad camera, it might be discontinued or obsolete but it still takes beautiful pictures. Its like a 2 or 10 years old guitar, if its in good shape, it still plays music/notes... i mean its still a guitar. same goes to the X-pro1. it will still take pictures until it breaks that is. But then, the X-T1 is still in my wanted list so there. haha.

Well, looks like i'm going Fuji all the way. Sorry Oly. Hopefully there is a Fujimpus. Fuji's image quality plus superb performance of Olympus. Fujimpus.

Cant wait to get my hands on my new old X-pro1.

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