Thursday, May 1, 2014

3-axis IBIS and XC OIS (revised)

I was playing around with the 3-axis IBIS of the OMD EM10 and it was pretty to cool to actually get a pretty sharp picture at 1sec hand held. Of course i had to push the camera up in my face while my eye on the EVF of course to hold it steady. Like really push it to my face. and then i have this idea to compare it with my Fuji X-M1 which dont have IBIS and see if this 3-axis camera is really useful/working or its just a placebo effect. So i try shooting my Fuji at 1sec hand held and to my surprise, it was pretty sharp too.... i was discontent! and here i thought a camera with IBIS and a camera without one is gonna win by a mile and no that is not the case. so i tried shooting both at different speeds and both was able to get sharp pictures (some after a few tries), so i was like "what the hell IBIS?" . i was cursing, swearing , bull this bull that until i realised that the XC16-50 lens on my X-M1 has OIS! ... what a noob.

In the end, i have enough shots for comparing IBIS and OIS.

ISO 200, 16mm f3.5 0.8sec


ISO 200 14mm f4 0.8sec


i used 0.8 second here because of its high rate of not having motion blur after only the first try. i can get sharp pictures at 1sec (hand-held but my arms were on the desk to keep steady) but thats after 4 to 5 tries. During that time i can feel my heartbeats lol. I've tried my x100s at 1sec and none of the pictures are sharp maybe just one but its just not realistic to shoot 1sec with it hand held. So i guess these image stabilizers do really work. IBIS or OIS which one is better, i dont know. Based on my non-scientific test above both are similar. i heard the EM5 with 5-axis is much better than 3-axis but not much. After these test i frikkin love image stabilizer. sometimes i just play around with slow shutter to test the image stabilizer just for fun.

If only the primes has image stabilizer. This is where the Oly shines because IBIS is not lens dependent!

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