Thursday, May 1, 2014

18mm prime or 18mm - 55mm zoom?

i hate choices.
and i hate decisions.
i was already leaning towards the Fuji 18mm prime fast lens at f2, small and i love the square tin-look-alike hood. but after reading more and more reviews i came across the 18mm-55mm zoom. heard a lot of good things. someone or most of them even said it perform better than the 18mm prime, if u pixel peep that is. the zoom is also quite fast only a one-stop slow than the prime at f2.8. The name "kit" lens is misleading one said. Even the typical focal length 18-55 sounds cheap and plasticky like those Canon zooms but it was not. Almost all pros are liking it, using it in their professional work. Now that intrigues me. Do i get the prime or the zoom? i really hate it when im in this kind of situation. and what pissed me off more is that i'm always in this situation. silver or black? primes or zoom? x-pro1 or x-t1?
i always get into those decisions making situation. and i hate every bit of it. How i wish my em10 is silver but i got the black. i know its only aesthetic but i wear these cameras like it was my accessories. haha.
Anyway, back to the lens. If i take the zoom, i'll get a better performing lens (based on reviews), faster AF, i also get OIS which is really making the decision more harder, because i just love image stabilizer. and its versatile due to zoom. but i sacrifice the size of the smaller prime, maybe weight too, and the good looks hood. To be honest, i dont usually use too much zoom, i'd probably stay 18mm all the time but passing up on sharper image and faster af and OIS makes me in a difficult decision making situation. but making my camera longer in size also takes into consideration. but this but that. i have a trip to London coming and i need to decide which lens that i need. i dont really like big and long camera + lens combo. i love my x100s even with its hood on, i can put it in my bag seamlessly. which makes me leaning toward the prime. but its just a hard deal to pass this zoom lens. What are your thoughts?

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