Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello Fuji Goodbye Olympus!


You say yes,
i say no,
you say stop,
i say go go go, Oh no!


I just sold my Olympus Em10. It is now with the new owner who is also my friend. I guess i can become a salesman as i was able to convinced him to buy it from me. He was having second thought, almost decided not to buy it but i used my persuasive skills. it was easy actually, i just put the camera on his desk and showed him the capabilty/features of the EM10...... touch to shoot, image quality, wireless features, wifi remote etc etc etc..... i injected GAS mode into his blood system lol. He is a Canon user, and i show what this little olympus camera can do better than his DSLR. He was impressed with the features! and sold!

sling around the new owner
"As you can see, its a nice camera"

As he was playing with the wifi features of the camera, a thought came to me, did i make the right choice? suddenly i felt a lil bit regret of selling it as i found that the features and performances of the camera is pretty handy and superb. i mean with touch screen shoot, it was quick and accurate almost all the time. it was quick, tap tap tap and all accurate focus and sharp pictures. Not with a Fuji, at least not with the x100s. The wifi remote mode is also handy for selfies or taking a group shot. Just use any iphone or android phone and tap to focus and shoot. Cant do that on a x100s. Damn it! its so good....... and sad to let it go. But just a small difference in IQ compared with Fuji systems made up my mind. "Once i've seen a Fuji image quality, i cant unsee a Fuji" .... one once said.

Uh oh guess whats in the mail today..... ? *cough* *pro* ***

Maybe next time Olympus, when you turned Full Frame.

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