Monday, June 5, 2017

Who here loves reading camera reviews? i do...

I love reading camera reviews... whats not to like? There are mostly positives and that leads to GAS or at least helps building up GAS. I have GAS. I'm sick of my GAS problems. Because im not bloody rich, if i was id buy all the cameras i can think of.

At the moment i am GASing for Olympus. What gives? Why would i downgrade from a Full Frame sensor to a micro four thirds? Like i always said, i am more into aesthetic.... Olympus and Fuji looks like old skool camera, Sony meh... they look like boxes bahahaha but i love the IQ i get from Sony. And i was never happy with my Olympus EM10 before, so i dunno why i would like to get my hands on the Em10ii. It just look so good. like old Film Olympus camera. Maybe thats why. and somehow it is cheaper! than the predecessor. i bought my EM10 at about $1200SGD, now its only $600-700 Singapore dollars.

If only there is a rental for camera here, at least i can let off my GAS. If i want it id buy it but sadly here i have to buy it to test it.... GAS wins everytime....

Sorry for the random rant.


By Chris Gampat of phoblographer, he always takes beautiful photos of cameras... not helping my GAS though..

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