Thursday, June 8, 2017

GAH!!! Another Day Another GAS!

So here i am reading countless camera reviews...
And lately i am reading about Olympus.
I dunno why i m attracted with Micro Four Thirds format again.
Im sure the camera aesthetics played a very big part as i love retro camera designs.
I remember i told myself never again. Its not that it sucks. it just that id prefer Fuji images.
Well its physics. Small sensor vs bigger sensor.
I'm looking for a smaller package.
My Sony A7S is not really that large except for its lenses.
Its no larger than say a Fuji X-T2 or Oly EM1.
But maybe its not retro enough.
I dunno why im not looking into Fuji X100F anymore. Well thats GAS for you.
One second Fuji, the next Olympus.
I was really interested with the OMD EM10ii as i found cheaper deals on ebay.
I was a bit surprised that it has gotten so cheap, maybe it wasnt that new anymore.
Maybe July they'll announced a version 3 with the newer sensor.
Thats why the ver 2 is cheap nowadays.
I wasnt really interested with Olympus PEN F. Especially the silver, the silver is not nice in my eyes.
But last night i started to read reviews about the PEN F.
I convinced myself it will have better HIGH ISOs but i knew in my heart my Sony is better.
Why HIGH ISOs? Because i like to take pictures of my kids indoors where light is dimmer.
But just 2 days ago i read reviews of OMD EM1.
I need rehab. my GAS is uncontrollable.
I thought i can buy all cameras with my hard earned cash.
But lets be honest, i will be broke if i keep on going like this.
But what do you think of the Olympus PEN F?

photo by Olympus

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