Sunday, June 7, 2015

Leica M9 sold!!! Sob Sob Sob.... should i get the T now?

Cant believe for the life of me that someone actually came up with $4k cash money to buy my Leica M9. Worst it was in $5 notes. Now i'm not sure if i regret it or happy. Actually i felt both. Happy that i am $4k richer but sad that i had to let go a pristine condition and very low shutter count, its not even 500! for only $4k. and it comes with a Voigtlander lens. i feel stupid. stupid stupid stupid. its stupid cheap. its my fault that i put up a very low offer, a very good offer for the buyer actually. i dinna expect someone in this country would appreciate a Leica and comes up with cold hard cash. Its just because here, those entry SLR are more popular. Maybe only a hand few of people would understand and appreciate a Leica. Now i'm left with a Leica M8. Its still my favorite Leica. But M9 being the younger brother, full frame, now i just realised to feel the loss. Today i started to feel the loss. Last night after i met the buyer, i was so happy depositing my sale. and did not miss the Leica M9 at all. In my mind, an X100T would suit me best, better. its after all my favourite camera too! But after looking some pictures, i just realised there is just something different about Leica's bokeh rendering. The bokeh has character, maybe harsh for someone but i just love the look. almost balls of blurry and again harsh. It could be the Voigtlander's bokeh character but i just love the look. or maybe because its at 1.4. I try to find the same bokeh character as the Voigtlander on my Fuji X100S pictures..... None. The X100S bokeh is smooth out of focus. Cant replicate the harsh bokeh. Oh my.... what have i done? I sold my Leica for a Fuji upgrade. Sometimes you just didnt realise how much something is valuable to you until its gone. I took my Leica M9 for granted. But lets be real, i just suck at manual focus, why focus manually when your camera can do super fast auto focus right? i guess it was meant to be, the honeymoon period with my Leica M9 was over. It only lasted for months. She's not a bad girlfriend, its just that we do not click. there's no chemistry. i dont like making decisions, the Fuji X100T can make decisions for me. Leica? not so much. i am in control. i dont want to be in control.

I guess i was better off selling my Leica M9. at least i am $4ooo richer.

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