Thursday, June 4, 2015

Leica M8 2015: New Orleans

i seem to have lost for words, and i rarely update this blog no more but i still very much wanted to share my photos to the rest of the world if you ever stumble this blog. I haven't even finished updating my travel blog from last year's trip to Italy, let alone my recent trip to New Orleans. What i plan to do now is to shut up and just post pictures. Here's a few taken with my Leica M8 in New Orleans Jan 2015. M8 is still the shit.

To be honest, it was soothing to see the big ships moving slowly going under the bridge. Such a nice weather when i was there. 

All shots taken with Leica M8 with Voigtlander 15mm 4.5 ii lens. Processed tastefully with VSCO. 
.....and i saw dust spots. .... sheesshh..

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