Sunday, June 14, 2015

From London to Italy and Leicester ........ (Part Florence)

23rd July 2014

Next stop Florence. First impression as soon as i got out of the train station, this felt like Milan. I'm not really enjoying Milan as i should be, except for that Piazza Del Duomo Milan, just standing in the middle of the Piazza is an experience itself. Florence is like a one big festival city. From one piazza to another piazza the road is crowded with people or specifically tourist. People just walked in the middle of the road, its like the road is for pedestrians, the car just had to slow down and do a soft honk. Beep beep... "Attenzione attenzione", i think you can do a one whole day visiting florence because that's what i did. One day is enough for sightseeing only minus museum walk-ins. I walked from the train station till the garden, (that's way down below in the map, wait? what map?), but it didn't feel that far, maybe because it was crowded from one place to the other, like i said it was like one big festival, its just super crowded with tourist.

I've checked into Hotel BellaVista, a nice small hotel just near the train station, it is convenience, i don't have to walked that far, dragging my luggage all the way, it's just a 5 min walk. Thank goodness for technologies nowadays, i just use Google Maps to give me directions and for my walking navigations. I'm gonna spend two nights here in Florence, one day in Florence and tomorrow, Pisa.

My hotel room's view

Its funny, the first time you walked the streets, you feel foreign, you feel lost but once you knew where you're going, or at least spend a day exploring what's nearby, exploring the city, you get familiar, you become comfortable and feel safe. But that goes for every country i went, not just Italy. That's what i'm feeling right now.

There are like 70 plus channels on Tv but all speaking italian. Only Oggy and the cockroaches and tom and jerry i could understand. I do miss hearing English speaking channel.

Gelato is everywhere in Italy, and so do Florence. Its really nice to lick a Gelato on a hot summer day and the nice ice blended fruity drinks. So refreshing, so cool.

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