Sunday, February 8, 2015

GAS alert... OMD EM5 II ...

I have always taken interest with OMD EM5 ever since i got a hold of its younger brother EM10. Always looking around on Ebay for the best deals. Its almost the same camera EM10 and EM5 but im not sure why i always wanted to try the EM5. Maybe because of its 5 axis stabilizer. maybe because its weather sealed. Maybe its just GAS. i believe it was GAS all along. But i never did it. I never own the EM5. But now with the newly announced EM5 II, i'm all GAS juice. The upgrade is not minor [*lookingatfuji* (*_*')], it seems much better spec than the flagship EM1, thats what they say. Ever since i owned a few cameras from different manufacturers, i can safely assume, Olympus is the most featured while Fuji has the best IQ and Sony RX100M3 is the best high end compact. Now that i learned to love smaller sensor IQ (1inch Sony), now i'm trying to like Olympus micro 4/3 sensor. whereas before i bashed them when i compared to Fuji. Because back then i just like to zoom 1:1 pixel peep kinda. its exhausting. Its a mistake, its a learning process. Oh well, another GAS excuses, i think. Although i wished the Em5II would look like an OM10 but it never will, why? i dont know. Maybe poor handling. but gotta love the retro look of the OM10.

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Go check out EM5II via google and give it some love.

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