Thursday, October 2, 2014

My first basic video editing using FCPX + Sony RX100iii

Yea, that's my other alter ego....

I have a macbook pro and the only logical choice was to use Final Cut Pro for video editing, why? because its an apple product.... i've seen my friend edit a video using Premiere pro and it looks complicated.... it just look complicated, maybe its not.... anyway, this is my first time using Final Cut Pro X, and i've been youtubing looking for basic tutorial.... i had experience with video editing before using movie maker.... its similar in a way, so i guess i was quick to pick up, its like riding a bicycle, once you know how, it will always in the brain muscle, whatever, i'm being random here.

The next thing to do in the list is how to get that movie, cinematic feel. i hope i quickly grasp the concept or else i got bored too easily and quit videography altogether.....

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