Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Street Shooting in Singapore with Fuji X100S ..... Black and White style!

Okay, i admit. i suck at street photography.
I aint got no balls to shoot strangers in the street, up close? nop.... far? .. yea maybe i can do that...
i shoot a lot of people's back, thats how suck i am in street photography... i hate my life... not! haha...
Oh hell maybe i just make a series of people's back street photography. Instead of face, i see heads, back of heads. i always try to be a ninja, sometimes i do it, sometimes i dont. i just worried too much. And being socially retarded, i cant just ask a stranger and shoot their portrait, just not my thing. i cant talk to strangers, mama dont let me but seriously i just cant. words got stuck at my throat, literally it felt that way. But i like street photography, actually it was fun. its like a challenge and being a ninja and all, i just find it to be fun. i get to use a lot of my camera ya know. As Before.... like i mentioned, i only wait for the right buildings or the right place to take photos. now with street photography, i dont. and looking back at all the pictures i took, i felt satisfied. even though they are strangers and no pictures of me, i felt happy, and its a pleasure this street photography is.  Anyway, yadaa yadaa yadaa....where are the photos? so here goes...

i didnt do much post processing here, just a VSCO preset and pasted to every photos that i'd post. copy and pasted, thats how i roll... just like my exam papers.... sshhhh!

Picture bomb! (Lots of photos)
 Just reached hotel at about 10pm i think, and yup i shoot ppl's back...

 i loved shooting sign boards

 Nice to have a coffee place near my hotel

 MRT in Singapore is awesome. Most famous places have MRT, so its easy to explore Singapore

Here i am trying to be a ninja... saw few people smoke, i think its not that pin sharp because of the motion blur, i was too worried to be caught snapping them.

 i just had to shoot his back.

 Hello my chinese friends please translate this to me...

 i took my time to take this shot, i see her busy looking at the map, i think she wont noticed me taking her pic.

 Yes dude, i'm waiting for you to enter my frame and then i shoot. thanks

i love how the light falls here, okay okay, i shoot their backs.

i used to be crazy with guitars, at one time i had 10 guitars. now that is awesome terrible GAS!
i see Doraemon guitar, how that play? 
Honestly blogger made this look washed out, i just dont know how to fix this.

My favorite place to dine at Funan mall. i ate 2 meals here. please dont judge me. its so good!

 i dont wanna bore you with my GAS, but i am GASing for this, just today... 

 At first look i didnt realised it was handphones..

 A series of shots of people's back.

i dont know what happen here. blogger just make this look like sepia toned.

i love shooting at crossing road

 Again, blogger just doesnt seems to like dark pictures. 
This guy dont seem to mind i took his picture, i meant the map, or was it his? or the map?

 Whats down there?

 You know the rest of this story....
i went home with it, the OMD.

Cleaning services for free

 Universal Studios just across the water

 Big ball of flowers

 The cable cars.
This was supposed to be a dramatic picture, end up as washed out by blogger

My OMD died on me so i took out my x100s to continue my night street shooting 

 Wow, blogger made this super sepia toned. Motion blur due to being a ninja. this is where the stabilisation of OMD wins. 

 oh no blogger what have you done! too washed out!
This is one of my fav strangers photo. that madam is looking at me. ruuuunnn!!
i was pretending shooting the sign board above and chimping to take this shot.

 pre wed photos?? or Singaporean drama?

 You want satay? You got satay!

 Again with the Sepia tone. i think this is one of my ninja successful photo.

 Time to head home

 Look ma, i'm in the middle of the road!!!

i'll see you next time Singapore!

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