Monday, March 17, 2014

Rumor Patrol: Olympus working on Fuji X100S style camera

Via 43rumors:-

GAS say buy it!
But seriously if Olympus ever came up with the digital TRIP series, that will be an awesome collection! lol...
Back when i was GASing for Film cameras, most of the film cameras on top of my list was the Olympus models, from 35RC, 35SP, TRIP, all fixed prime lens... i do prefer primes over zooms! But thinking of digital flexibility and film costs, i'd prefer digital cameras over films, but i just love the aesthetic of these film cameras! Maybe i'll just buy for collection. Just to stare it. Maybe flew the camera like an airplane with my hand. I am obsess with Camera Porn.
If this TRIP-D Camera exist and is affordable, i might just buy it! Period! but of course, the aesthetic has to be retro just like the original TRIP.

Lets Trippy!

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