Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to change the size of the focus point box of Fujifilm X100S

i just learnt something new today. Actually i learnt two new things today but thats for another post.
Apparently you can change the size of the focus point of the X100S. DUH! n00b!
I admit, the box was a little too big by default but i've been shooting with it ever since i bought it and got used to it over time.
This might also be the reason why i always focus at the background instead of the main subject. But i blame that on Fuji's quirky auto focus hunting game.
i always wonder if i could reduce the box but never do anything about it. i dont know if its even in the manual. i thought i read the whole thing or maybe i just glanced through.
Oh well this happen to me before, its about that 'silent mode' thing i posted way back before. i guess i didnt explore the camera too much. which then lead me to realise that i am actually a pixel peeper! Gosh.
i guess i just need a camera that shoots nice picture, not so much on features and then zoom 100% to see all the noise, grain, speckles. and here i always thought that im no pixel peep. (T_T)

Anyway back to the subject, here's how to....
And i believe this only works on EVF/LCD, using OVF the box is back to the default size.

Press the AF button on the scroll wheel and it will display the 49 focus points of the camera. 
Then just turn left or right of the command dial to change sizes.

This is a command dial.
Sorry i dont have Photoshop yet so i cant point a red arrow to the command dial.

Thats about it.
Happy Shooting.


  1. I've had the X100S for nearly 2 years now and I just figured this out too lol. Also, that command dial is also a button. You can press it to zoom in to check focus. So many tricks that aren't really in the manual.

  2. However, that only works in the AF-S setting (slider on corner of front). In Manual Focus (MF), when it would be really handy combined with Spot Metering the focus area is still large.