Monday, January 18, 2016

X-Pro2 GAS..... PEN-F not so much now.....

After reading the early rave reviews of the newly announced Fujifilm X-Pro2, i'm on GAS mode. Its a better X-pro1. Fast AF, one stop better HIGH ISO performance, weather sealing....what else? lets just say it now...a Leica killer?? Everybody drools that rangefinder look.... i used to have an X-pro1, i love that camera but i sold it to fund another it seems like the X-Pro2 is the ultimate still shooting camera...everything u need are there... maybe.... there's no touch screen and no tilting screen...i mean for a 2016 camera and the era of touch screen devices, it should have at least a touch screen, the new X70 got why skipped on the X-pro2? should i wait another 4 years to get this feature on an X-Pro body? maybe not....while its not a deal breaker for me but it would be a great feature to have. Tilt screen??? same story. great feature to have but not a deal breaker. maybe fuji wants to be like tilt screen and no touch screen...heck why not just make a M9 all over again. Or just use film instead. Cmon its 2016. but its sokay...i would still love the camera if i owned it... just like the M8, just concentrate on taking fancy mancy features to deal with....but in the end it just stay on the shelf for now...just because i love AF too much..i'm taking pictures of kids so yea i need fast AF. Screw manual focus. like i said..2016 = AUTO Focus.

Video mode on Fuji bodies is the same. They suck. Thats what at least those pro videographers said. For me personally...i dont know slash i dont care. it looks like video so it might as well play like video. so its no big deal for me. 4k or not i dont give  a shit. i just bought a NON 4K tv....who wants to watch those soap opera effect anyway.... well at least it had video recording feature..unlike the Nikon DF.

Lets just wait for the internet reviewers to fully review the X-Pro2, and do comparison and versus this versus that...cos i like those stuffs!

After looking at leak images of the PEN-F, i'm less excited..or maybe cebause X-pro2 is fresh hot from the oven...lets just wait for PEN-F announcement.

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