Thursday, January 7, 2016

Its been a while and less i'm not excited to blog but its 2016 and new cameras are coming!!!!! X-Pro2, X70, PEN-F!!!

Hello World....

Its been a while since i last updated my blog... i have less GAS on gears at the moment but i do peek around my two favourite rumors websites, fujirumors and 43rumors.... .. Yes i still love Fuji and although i did bashed Olympus before i do still love it since i dont really print my photos so large vs small sensor doesnt really matter. All i did was looking at those pictures on my 15inch Macbook Pro and both cameras produced great enough images. Even on my friend 27inch iMacs the Olympus was good enough. I'm not printing banners or posters and what not so yea... i do have GAS on the olympus em5 mark ii but not yet pull the trigger. My last GAS was on Fuji X-T10 because it is available in my country. Olympus not so much.

So yeah, another year has passed and now its 2016!!!! Man...time flies like flies if that makes any sense. Gear wise i'm only left with my Leica M8 and Sony Rx100m3. I bought a new not so new lens for my M8, a cheap russian vintage Jupiter 8 lens. Its really cheap and it has focus shift.

I'm so not in love with my Leica M8. I'm just slow at focusing or maybe because my cheap lens has focus shift so another pain the in ass/eye focusing. I'm just spoiled by Olympus blazingly fast focus and the cleaner files of Fujis. With the Leica M8, i'll get false colors and due to camera fault, black cloth turns to purplish. Its a good black and white camera but i love colors yeah....

So its 2016 and new rumored cameras are coming. First its the anticipated Fuji X-Pro2 and the leaks image looks like it has the same body as the old X-pro1.....i hope they come in silver! and it has new sensor! lets hope they get rid of those waxy skins problems at higher isos JPGs....sheeeshhh who wants to look like a mannequin?

X-pro2 leak image taken from fujirumors.
i wish it looked more like a Leica but this is not so bad.

and then they have the new leaked image of rumored X70, a mini X100T, a fixed lens camera with new 28mm FOV lens but no viewfinder built-in. 

not really in love design wise.... it didnt look retro enough to me. More like a Ricoh GR wannabe.
lets wait for the real world image to come up
but still not retro enough me thinks

and then the one rumored camera that i am excited for.....
the Olympus PEN-F!

taken from 43rumors
If it looks anything like this, i'm SOLD

Style over substance.

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