Thursday, August 7, 2014

From London to Italy and Leicester ...... (Part 4 Burano and Murano)

21st July 2014

Burano, i guess someone a long time ago decided to play with colourful paint or they just discovered paint itself and painted their houses with different striking colors next to each other. To be honest i did not know and did not look up burano's history. Anyway, Burano has a lot of colorful houses and that's just it. Its beautiful in a way but i guess its a once in a life time experience. Unlike Venice, i'd love to come back to Venice anytime. With Burano, maybe just once. Dont get me wrong, its worth the experience. I'm happy that i visited Burano. I took a lot of pictures. Might be the same scene for a couple of shots. Which means its really that beautiful.

The boat took a lifetime to reach Burano. It's a 30 min ride but the slow speed make it felt like ages. At first i thought Burano is part of Venice, so i decided to just stand and let those empty seats being taken. "Well, its only gonna take 10-15mins just like those metros in milan", i thought. I was wrong. Actually Burano is another island next to Venice. I should have taken the seat. Anyway, Burano is a small island. One whole day should be enough for sight seeing, its a place to relax. A retirement home i guess.

On the way back to Venice from Burano there is another island in between named Murano, i made a stop here before heading back to Venice to explore Murano. It is another small island, much closer to Venice which is famous for making glasses into beautiful shapes. Be it pendant, vase, rings, animals, orchestra dudes, flowers, lots of shapes. If you're into these kind of thing, then its worth a visit. Its also cheaper compare to prices around the world. Made in italy, this is as original as it gets. The origin. Great as souvenirs. "I just came back from italy and look what i brought, a glass made in italy!" Me grin, the rest gasp! With their hands on their mouths.

There is this one island i passed by, in between Venice and Murano, long walls and no boats seems to stop there. It looks like Alcatraz island from the movie The Rock. Or this is the cemetery island that i read about in a book called something like "things to do in Venice".

A funny thing, actually i took a trip to Burano twice, because i took the wrong boat. The information display said its going back to Venice at 18.17. 18.17 the boat came, i hop in with full confidence but the boat is going in the direction of Burano. Oh Em Gee, i'm heading back to Burano.i feel like a fool. Its gonna be a slow long ride, now where's that seat. 19.17, i'm finally back in Venice.

I am in my hotel scrolling through all the TV channels looking for an english speaking channel. Nop. Everything's in italian. I'm watching Homer Simpson speaking fluent italian. The best thing with these dub audio is that they try to imitate the voice of the character themselves. Well not all works. Bruce Willis did not sound like Bruce Willis but close haha. I wish there was an option to put on an english subtitle, at least i could enjoy the movie. Thank god there's internet.

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