Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aint no rumor now.. Fuji X30 announced!

I love all things Fuji but this X30, it's not revolutionary, i think its boring, i think it fell way behind the bigger sensor Sony RX100 iii. The guts of the Fuji X30 is the same as Fuji X20. I think its about time Fuji needs to come out with a bigger sensor than a 2/3. The X30 should have sport a 1inch sensor just like Sony's. I bet if it was a 1inch sensor, those who already owns these so much Fuji gears will want to buy the X30. For now, i think its wise to pass up the X30 and wait for a bigger sensor in X30S!

taken from mirrorlessrumors.com

To someone who did not yet own a Fuji, who loves the retro design, didn't care less about sensor size or didn't even know what a sensor size got to do with a camera, then this X30 is definitely worth a grab. If i didn't have the X-M1, i might want the X30. I think my X-M1 is smaller than the X30 except the X-M1 has longer kit lens. I know i know some enthusiast didn't really care about the sensor size, grain, noise, clean and what not, a great picture is a great picture no matter what the sensor size is, no matter what the camera is. But for me, i love the headroom i can get when processing an image from a bigger sensor camera than those with smaller sensor. Sliding those sliders up and down in Lightroom and see what effect it has on the image somehow amuse me. LOL. But knowing there is a camera out there *wink*wink* Sony RX100 with a bigger sensor and is pocketable in the market and compares to Fuji X30, big, non-pocketable, smaller sensor, i mean, Fuji is not competing at all. Not even trying. Thats what makes it sad. I know to all those mainstreamers, a camera is just a camera, but to passionate and the enthusiast photographer, i think this is a sad move by Fuji, at least thats what i'm feeling. Its a camera that not everyone is gonna buy. Fuji should make a camera that everyone wants to buy. They should planted that in their heads. Everybody is asking for a bigger sensor but no, they decide to just update the X20. The features are great, the new filter "Classic Chrome" is great but i have VSCO to do that for me, the X30 is clearly targeting to those who did not process their pictures at all. Someone who just use or print or share their pictures OOC on the go. Well good luck with that, those customers Fuji is targeting, i think they appreciate their smartphones more. I might be wrong. BUT i'm just sad, its not a 1inch sensor, its not the end of the world but i just dont want to invest on something "less" when there is something(rx100iii) "more" in the market. Yes, there is a price difference, people would go for the cheap but for photography enthusiast, IQ is important. Forgive me if i dont make any sense, im just rambling away. Oh well, someone is gonna bash me talking about sensor size but its my money, and i dont want to spend money on a small sensor compact. Please Fuji bring the X30S now, X30 with a 1inch sensor! I'm not bashing Fuji, i still support Fujifilm. But X30 is not for me, now let's just wait for the X100T!

Well, well, well, aint no surprise!

taken from fujirumors.com

Apparently i'm not the only one,
I've been looking for that word/phrase/sentence while i was writing this post and found it!
Yes, Fujirumors is right, its a deal breaker for not having a 1inch sensor. Uh Oh Fujifilm.
Come come update now, make Fuji X30S now!

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  1. I love all things Fuji but this X30, it's not revolutionary, i think its boring, i think it fell way behind the bigger sensor Sony RX100 iii. The guts of ... fujifilmx30.blogspot.com