Friday, July 27, 2018

GAS-ing for a new camera!

Wow, its almost one year after my last post.
As usual i get GAS every now and then, lusting for a new camera.... ive never GAS for a new lens...its always a new camera, doesnt matter if its a 10 year old camera as long as i have never owned it.... problem with my country we dont have camera rentals....if we do, it will save me a lot of money....

So which camera u asked?
I dunno the list goes on but i have so little money....but huge LUST...not need Just WANT..... sigh....its a problem i have, if only im Effing richhh 

Im looking for a small compact camera suitable for travel, in the lines of Ricoh GR, Fujifilm X70 or the newer XF10 but also got a great offer on a USED SONY RX1 which i have been lusting all these years but havent pulled the trigger.... but the RX1 is not pocketable like the Ricoh or Fuji, but they're are not quite pocketable (GR and X70) at least they're slimmer. But what about my Sony A7S plus 35mm 2.8 combo?? its similar in size to the RX1.... its good enough but like i said, i WANT something new!!
If i wanted to save money, i'll just stick with my A7S + 35mm, i brought that combo to New York and no complaints! Of course trying to take a picture of the Liberty from the pier is SAD AS FUCK. Need ZOOM. but for what it is, street photography and travel, the 35mm is great!
I'm also looking at the Sony 28mm f2, because i love bokeh so much...albeit the size will become bigger....

Why do i want a small camera you say? is because i want it for my Travels...i have Japan trip coming up so i need a camera i can bring everywhere...i want it compact as  fuck because im sure i'll be the one handling all the luggages and the baby stroller, i only have two hands, so bringing a bigger camera usually ends up in the bag, too hassle to take it out....i also need to be aware of my kid who likes to run once his feet hits the ground!

So yeah, problem im having,
Ricoh isnt easily available
Fujifilm X70 is probably still available but with its price i can buy the Sony RX1
Sony Rx1 is waiting for me
Sony 28mm f2 is also waiting for me...

So which one should i spent my money on???

I want to love the Ricoh but the dust problems ive been hearing and reading is putting me off.
I would want the Fuji X70 but since i can buy the RX1 for the price, its giving me headache.
The RX1 can produce great IQ but im hearing AF issues and low light performance not quite great.
If i want to invest i should get the 28mm lens because i know my A7S has great IQ and i can shoot wide open for bokeh which i really fond of....

But .... i want a brand new camera!


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