Wednesday, October 11, 2017

YASHICA... the unexpected!!!

Expect the unexpected Yashica said and they nailed it!!
That was really unexpected.
Unexpected the expected.
And here i am expecting a Retro-ish Digital Camera that can rival the Fujis, Sonys and Olympuses.
My wishlist was, a full frame 35mm f2, retro Yashica body, with EVF....well Full Frame was wishful thinking but at least big sensor like APSC or M43.
But instead we get a toy.....sort of....
Yashica called it DigiFilm....
it's a pretend film that you load inside the camera. and theres also a winder! sort of "film advance" or shutter cock
The digifilm is like your Instagram filter but physical. Thus digifilm. different digifilm just gives different effect to each shots taken.
This does appeal to those Lomo/Diana camera fans...and of course hipsters....
I actually think its a clever idea....genius...if only it has a big sensor....but what we got here is what most smartphone camera sensor has.
1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor.
And then there's a confusion whether it was 1.4Mp or 14Mp....there was a possibility of a typo... 1.4Mp in 2017??? Cmon....
I've just checked the updated kickstarter says 14Mp.... well thats reasonable... but still a small sensor??!
1 inch would be great!! but full frame is better!
Definitely a different, possible fun experience.
No LCD to chimp on.
Not sure whether you will get the right exposure.
Just like those film days...without the hassle to develop prints.
To be honest, now that it sinks in, it kinda grows on me. i actually want one. But still a disappointment.
Here i am wishing a rival to X100's or Sony Rx1 or Pen F.
The sample pictures does look a lot like film which is intriguing.
But all these (no LCD chimping, selected ISO, right exposure) can also be done with my PEN F. Just slap back the LCD and dont chimp. and bigger sensor than the Yashica.
Oh...didnt i tell you? I just bought a PEN F!
But still i want the Yashica.

This kickstarter project has reached its target
But still....
Backed this project!

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