Friday, September 8, 2017

Fuji X-E3, just so you know i dont have it on hand, these are just my thoughts

I'm trying to like the Fuji X-E3. Maybe i'm just having GAS.
But its so damn ugly...
I never liked the X-E series.
But i liked the rangefinder style and was hoping the X-E3 would change my mind.
But it still is damn ugly....
Silver or Black... still urrgghhh...
But I like it how they make it smaller.
I'm looking for a Fuji rangefinder style with EVF + Interchangeable lens.
that only leaves me with the X-E series.
Why Fuji u say? Well i always liked their IQ.
But if i wanted a Fuji i probably go with the X-T20.
Maybe because i liked the Tilt Screen so much.
I dunno why a camera with Tilt Screen is consider as a non pro camera.
Fuck you pros!
It is just damn handy.
I always love the X100 series
But its time to get the interchangeable lens camera.
I love the X-Pro2. BUT its just too big.
And then came along the X-E3...
Small...probably better....
But OMG its ugly...
I guess i'm sticking with Olympus for now.
And fanboys......stay away!

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